VoIP Phone Systems

Take Calls From Anywhere

Cypress Networks provides and customizes Cloud based, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems that have all of the features that you need to run your business from anywhere you have an internet connection.  We perform all of the setup, manage users and devices, and provide the same first-class service that has been our trademark since 2002.

Use Your Existing Number

Expand your company’s capabilities without the risk and hassle of changing phone numbers.  Cypress Networks will work with your current telephone service provider to migrate your existing numbers into our managed services.

Choose Phone, App, or Both

VoIP allows you to use desk phones with enhanced operations, or simply download an app to your mobile device and accept business calls anytime. Or, you can utilize both – forward calls from your desk phone when you are out of the office to always stay connected.

Scale to Meet Changing Needs

Quickly expand to new locations, additional lines and users to meet the needs of your growing business. One call to Cypress Networks is all it takes to start the expansion process.

Easily Answer Business Voicemail

Have your voicemails sent directly to your mobile device or email and respond to them quickly and easily. Never miss an important voicemail again.

Seamless Solution for Remote Workers

As businesses adapt to the needs of a dispersed workforce, ease of communication is a primary concern.  VoIP phone services allow your team to accept calls from their actual desk phone from anywhere they have an internet connection. 

Meet the changing needs of your team without disrupting the flow of calls into your business with a custom solution from Cypress Networks.  Contact our team today to schedule your consultation at (866) 625-3502, or simply request your consultation below.

Friendly, Knowledgeable VoIP Support

Cypress Networks focuses on supporting your business 24/7.  This is why:

VoIP phone services from Cypress Networks are just another way that we demonstrate our dedication to your success. We’ll help you understand the power of the latest technology, and use our deep understanding of your business to leverage that technology to improve your results. Let us build a custom VoIP solution for your business.