IT Consulting and Project Management

Customized IT Management Services

White Glove Service at a Predictable Cost

As our client, you will get a dedicated team of IT support professionals who understand your business and will set you up with right-sized systems to achieve your business goals. Included are monitoring systems that alert us to real or potential issues, often before users experience any impact.

Our company is built on true partnership.  When you call for help, a member of your dedicated team answers.  You won’t be transferred to three different analysts, and you won’t have to describe your issue over and over.  Often, we contact our customers before they even know there is an issue.   We take the added step of keeping a detail record of each contact so that we can see if there are any patterns of concern that need to be addressed.

Let us help you with a wide variety of IT Management issues, including:

Proactive IT Consultants

We’re there BEFORE you need us

Our custom created network solutions include several alarms and indicators that help your dedicated support team know the moment an issue occurs, often before those symptoms are noticed by your users.  Our customers are routinely surprised by our calls because we recognize the trouble before they do.

We begin our process with a network evaluation and face to face meeting, where possible.  We get a clear picture of your existing systems, and communicate to you what we need to do in order to bring your systems up to our security standards. 

Once we’ve established a gameplan and provided your dedicated team with your roadmap, we keep detailed records documenting each service interaction.  This allows us to serve you very efficiently, improve overall communication and identify potential patterns to address.

Right Sized IT Management Solutions

White Glove Service at a Predictable Cost

Based upon your business needs and forecast, we build, set-up, and manage for you a scalable solution. Our expertise protects you from systems that are over-built — or under-built — for your needs. This allows you to effectively manage your IT costs and get the ROE you need.