Cloud and Hosting Services

A Cost Saving On-Demand Resource

Achieving Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud-hosting services gives you tremendous advantages for managing IT risk and scaling up- or down your data storage and retrieval needs. Our expertise in managing data centers and cloud storage allow you to have instant back-ups for your data, and never have to worry about data loss.

What does it Cost?

Pay only for what your need

The flexibility of this structure allows you to “pay as you go…and pay as you grow” thereby reducing your operational cost. We also are able to manage specific recovery-points as well as dramatically reducing recovery times if there is a data=retrieval problem.

Why in the Air?

Reliability | Backups | Predicted Cost

Cloud service allows us to keep your data protected, from hardware failures, data corruption, and downtime problems since your data traffic is divided amongst multiple network interfaces. Accessibly from any device allows you to readily access and share the files you need.